Do you ever feel like parenting is some strange kind of war? All around you there are people who want to recruit you to their ranks, convince you to agree with them wholeheartedly. Which is lovely if you do agree with every word they utter, because you’ll be welcomed with open arms and told that you have found “your people.” Which must be nice.

The problem is, what if you don’t know yet which camp you want to fall in with? Or what if you like some things about one and some things from another? Maybe you want to combine them? Or you tried something and it isn’t really working so you might want to change your mind? Perhaps you don’t know what “attachment parenting” actually is, have never heard of “Gina Ford” and don’t really want to get into something controversial, you just want to look after your baby. If that’s you, you might feel like nobody really welcomes you, not hippy enough for one group, not strict enough for another. It’s all black and white, while you dance around in the middle dodging missiles and trying to navigate a whole rainbow of options.

You’re an intelligent person, you don’t need to be dictated to. You definitely don’t want to be told that you’re getting things wrong at every turn, either “creating a rod for your own back” or causing untold damage whenever you put your baby down. Surely there must be a middle ground? Somewhere you are allowed to be the parent, to make decisions, find out what works for you and your family and feel supported no matter what choices you make.

Confident Mama is that space. I will give you everything you need to make informed choices, and support you while you put them into practice. I never judge, and everything I do is grounded in years of experience with babies, children and families that vary more than you can imagine. I can show you how to put on a nappy, or discuss cloth versus disposables (I’ve used both). I can tell you all about different weaning options, share recipes, save you time in the kitchen and even help you work out why your two year old will only eat jam sandwiches. In short, I’m here for you.

There is no right way, only the right way for you. Let me help you find that road and walk it with confidence.