How are things going? Being a mama is hard work whether you’re six months pregnant or wondering what to put in your six year old’s lunchbox, and no matter what happens everyone always needs to be fed with relentless regularity!

The food we choose is full of tradition, it’s a way we show love and part of every special occasion but it isn’t always that easy. Just deciding whether to breastfeed or use formula can be a challenge, weaning is confusing and then your toddler refuses to eat anything except jam sandwiches! Phew. Luckily a bit of support and information can go a very long way.

I have fed a lot of babies and children, from tiny newborns to big families. I’ve worked with fussy eaters, babies with reflux and children with all sorts of allergies. Whether you need help expressing breastmilk for triplets or just finding time to cook for your family. I’ve been there, I’ve probably done it myself and I’ve definitely supported many mamas with the same challenges you have.

Nothing is more important than feeding your family, lets get started today.



So tell me, what’s your biggest problem right now?