Your tiny baby is growing up (already!) and a big change is fast approaching. Weaning your baby is great fun but it can be pretty scary too. With a newborn you know that all your baby needs is milk, make sure they get enough and all their needs will be met. But now you have to worry about all sorts of other things, allergies, choking, fussy eating, which foods are safe at what age, baby-led or purees, getting them to eat vegetables, table manners. It can seem like a minefield!

Here are just some of the things I’ve heard over the years, some in books and some from well-meaning friends and family:

  • Bananas cause night waking
  • Protein after lunchtime makes babies poo at night, which causes night waking
  • Not eating enough causes night waking
  • Eating too much causes a sore tummy, and night waking
  • Introducing foods too early causes allergies
  • Introducing foods too late causes allergies
  • No lumps until baby has lots of teeth
  • Apple pips, rice cakes and baby carrots are all poisonous/cause cancer
  • Cut out milk so they eat more
  • Don’t worry if they don’t eat, they only really need milk anyway

Notice any trends? It looks like night waking is top of every new parent’s mind, and the idea that you could do something wrong and give your baby an allergy (or worse) is obviously terrifying. How on earth are you meant to know which are true and which are just myths and old wives’ tales?

book-jacketThe First Foods course has everything you need to wean your baby with confidence. Whatever approach you want to take, I will give you all the information you need to make informed decisions and enjoy the adventure of raising your little gourmet, free from worry. The course includes:

  • An ebook, recently updated and extended. Everything you need to know packed into a book you can read at naptime. No long winded waffle to wade through, busy Mamas don’t have time for that!
  • An online video class which you can access at anytime.
  • Lots of information on everything from allergies to equipment and from cutting down on milk to fussy eating.
  • A monthly live Q&A session with me, where I can help with any problems or answer any questions that aren’t covered in the course.

Sold separately these would total at least £150, but the First Foods course gives you the whole package for just £75. That’s amazing value! When you buy today I will send you an email with everything you need, so you can get stuck in straight away, but you have lifetime access so if you don’t have time right now it doesn’t matter at all. Everything will be waiting for you whenever you need it.

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