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Want to know what real parents think? Here are just a few testimonials

“You are an amazing woman, thank you for your help. I know it’s not over yet and I’m sure many more issues will happen,  but I’ll always remember your advice. Thank you” AS

“A big thank you for answering an intense question time from me recently (on dairy allergies). You are a fountain of knowledge and offer practical and professional in depth advice at all times” EL, Surrey

“Lorna really is a real life ‘Mary Poppins’ – I hope she takes that as a compliment.” Mrs H, Wiltshire

“Thank you so much Lorna you are truly amazing and far more knowledgeable than even my doctor and health visitor in this subject!!!” Mrs L, London

“Lorna is excellent in her role and is incredibly knowledgeable in all elements of child care.  I trust her 110% in everything she does.  She is able to offer superb advice and I would have no hesitation in highly recommending her to any parent.” AH, London

“Lorna was fun and incredibly knowledgeable. She shared so much of her knowledge with us, from how to wean, how to routine, stimulate and educate babies and children as they got older… even shared tips on how to save time cooking in the evening after work! She really helped solve many of our problems and left us with a happy, healthy baby, as well as leaving us as more confident and capable parents. We could not recommend her highly enough.” SK, London

“Lorna was reassuring and had a fantastic approach.  She was never patronising or dictatorial but instead, used her extensive knowledge to gently teach and inform.  The time I spent with her was a type of “Mother Boot Camp” in which I learned how to do everything from sterilise bottles to setting up a pram.  Lorna even prepared me for future stages by giving me sage advice on weaning, teething and potty training.  Any question I’d ask from how to effectively wind our daughter to what sort of high chair to buy in upcoming months, Lorna had a well-informed answer.” LW, London

“I really don’t know where I’d be without Lorna.” Mrs W, London