Finding time to plan, shop and cook can be a bit of a nightmare. You start out with all the best of intentions then before you know it you’re standing in front of the fridge wondering how on earth to make two sausages, three rashers of bacon and a bag of brussels sprouts into dinner for three children!

Don’t worry, I can help. I’ve spent twenty years cooking for families of all shapes and sizes, with busy schedules, allergies and fussy eaters to contend with. I have hundreds of recipes, tips and tricks up my sleeve and I’m ready to share them with you.

If you would like to learn more about my favourite meal planning tricks, and how I get dinner to cook itself while I get on with something else, then the Easy Family Food course is perfect for you.

You might dream of a fairy godmother, or private chef, just taking all the stress away. I can’t do the cooking for you, but I can create a totally bespoke meal plan just for your family. I’ll consider all your likes, dislikes, special diets and even your schedule and craft a meal plan just for you.