Today we have Alison, sharing her day with the gorgeous Jessica. Alison works from home and lives with her husband and 18 month old.


Each weekday starts the same for us – at 6am our alarm clock goes off to remind hubby to get up for work, he gets up and ready and leaves for work at around 6.30am. I usually stay in bed for a little while catching up on Facebook or checking my e-mails via my phone. Around 7am I get up and dressed, sort my hair and makeup out and wait for Jessica to stir. If she is particularly sleepy I may manage to get my breakfast shake and perhaps sort some washing out!

At around 7.30/8am Jessica will start to stir so I go into her room, she greets me with a great big smile usually and I get her out of her cot. I take her to the bathroom where she is currently being potty trained so I will try her on the toilet, put her into her potty training pull ups and get her dressed.
We then go downstairs to have breakfast, Jessica has porridge in her own bowl at her table and chairs – she has just started feeding herself so I don’t do much while she is eating just sit chatting to her, helping if needed and of course cleaning up! Once breakfast is done we clean our teeth together in the bathroom and try the potty again.

On Mondays Jessica is in nursery so we get her nursery bag together and usually head off in the car, the nursery is only 5/10 minutes drive away so I usually drop her off around 8.45am.

Once Jessica is dropped off I come home and start work, I work from home so I log into my computer and into the work server, make myself a tea and settle down to work. If I have put washing on first thing in the morning I may take a few minutes to sort this and hang it out or tumble dry it as well. I work from 9am until 3.30pm usually quite solidly and then I go and pick Jessica up from nursery.

She comes home and we got straight to the potty, she then has a snack and a play for an hour while I finish any work I need to do and I then make a start on tea. My husband usually comes home around 5.30pm and we all have tea together at the dining room table, this something we try to make sure we do once a day as a family.
After tea, daddy takes Jessica up to the bathroom to start running a bath, Jessica cleans her teeth while the bath is running and then I join them once the bath is run. Once Jessica has been bathed she comes downstairs for cuddles with daddy and usually watches one of her favourite Disney films such as Frozen or Tangled. She has a sippy cup with warm milk in it and then at 7pm she is taken off to bed. Me and my husband usually have a chat whilst washing up and then depending on my diary either I work again or we maybe catch a film or TV programme together. Bed is usually around 10.30/11pm.


Thank you Alison for sharing your day with us. You can see the rest of the series here, and find out why I started it here, it’s all about inspiring and empowering mums. I would love to hear about your day, if you want to take part (it can be anonymous) just email me. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!