There is nothing that can ruin a sleep deprived mum’s day faster than knocking a cup of (probably cold) coffee over, and if it falls on your baby, pet or computer it really could be a disaster. That’s why I want to offer the Mighty Mug to mums everywhere – it’s a mug you can’t spill!

The mighty mug is perfect for anyone with children running around, sleep deprived clumsiness, wagging tails and climbing cats. It’s also great for boats, caravans, computer users, crafters and people who don’t like trying to get tea stains out of carpets. When you think of replacing a computer or carpet the bill might run to well over a thousand pounds, so this little mug could save you a huge amount of money as well as stress.

This mug works just like any other, it isn’t difficult to lift and you don’t have to remember to press a button or do anything special. Yet if you knock into it or bump the table it will stay in place, solid as a rock. And even if it does fall over, if the lid is clicked shut it’s virtually leak proof. Not only that, it’s double walled so it keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold – which is very handy when the baby starts crying just as you have finally boiled the kettle!

I am currently offering these at a special price for pre-orders. That means you have to wait a little while for your mug (I’ll be placing the order at the end of May, if not before) but you pay less than RRP. It’s still worth ordering today though, the sooner I meet minimum order numbers the sooner I can get your mug to you, so it could be a lot quicker.

In the children’s ward of my local hospital they have a policy that all hot drinks must be in lidded, insulated mugs. Which makes perfect sense from a safety point of view with lots of children, nurses and doctors coming and going and vital equipment that could be damaged. The only problem is that when my baby son was rushed to A&E in the middle of the night I didn’t think to take a travel mug, who would? They do have a few spares but not enough, so for every 5 of the larger Mighty Mugs that are pre-ordered I will donate one to the children’s ward. When your baby is ill the least I can do is offer you a safe way to have a cup of tea.

Are you ready to put an end to spilt drinks? Get your pre-order in now and I’ll send you your mug asap.

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