If your tiny newborn is growing up fast you might be starting to think about the next challenge, and weaning is probably top of the list. It seems like you have just got the hang of your formula feeding routine, finally got breastfeeds down to a fine art, and now there’s something new to throw into the mix!

If you are feeling a bit nervous about weaning I am here to help, and the first thing I want to do is offer you a free gift, because you have made it through the first few months with a new baby so you probably deserve one! I have created a set of printables for you, three information sheets which you can display on your fridge, on a notice board or keep inside a cupboard. The first one tells you the most important things you can do to reduce the risk of your baby choking when they start to eat real foods. The second lists the foods that babies shouldn’t eat under six months, and under a year. You might like to keep both of those in plain sight, especially if you aren’t the only person who feeds your baby. The third printable is a really handy list of foods that you might like your baby to try. You can just use the list as inspiration, tick off foods as you give them a go or use it to mark favourite and less liked foods. I wish I had that list the first time I weaned a baby, I remember my mind going totally blank as I raked my brain to think of another vegetable!

You can download your free printables right now, just tell me where to send them.

Baby's first food
weaning printable - foods to try

Looking for a bit more support? Take a look at my weaning course, First Foods. It’s a great course, comprehensive but without the waffle!

If you feel really stuck I do offer a very limited number of VIP in person slots. These give you the absolute best start to your weaning journey. Not only will I come to your home to deliver the weaning course in person, I will also teach you (or whoever does the cooking) how to make foods suitable for babies at different stages. I will spend a few hours cooking for you, leaving you with a freezer full of baby meals and will create bespoke weaning plans, based on your baby’s likes and dislikes, for the first two months. If this sounds like something that would benefit you, email me and we can discuss it further.